Raising capital for a business enterprise is often a daunting challenge, particularly if the business is a new entity or idea without a proven track record. General assumptions, estimates, and best guess scenarios (based on experience and instinct) regarding market acceptance of the product and/or service to be offered to customers is most difficult to predict.

Because of these uncertainties, coupled with the high degree of investment risk involved in the launch of new businesses, RTP Capital investors are highly selective in the opportunities in which they invest.

Understanding these odds, an entrepreneur presenting to RTP Capital must be cognizant that the business opportunity embarked upon needs to be intriguing and/or truly unique. Your business plan needs to be concise, depicting a clear path to execution and ability to realistically validate your presentation and assumptions based upon factual and verifiable information.

Entrepreneurs are assured of a timely, consistent, and thorough review of their businesses as we seek to determine our level of interest.

As an entrepreneur, carefully review the sections on our investment criteria and process before submitting a proposal to us.  As an entrepreneur, you will be required to submit documents at various stages of the due diligence process. You will need to be prepared to provide accurate and complete submissions.

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