Investment Criteria

Investment Focus

RTP Capital is an angel network focused on seed and early stage investment opportunities. Our investment focus is relatively broad and is driven by the preferences of our individual members. Regardless of the investment opportunity presented, collective member interest influences our decision to proceed. Investment opportunities meeting all of the following requirements should submit an application to RTP Capital:

  • Technology Centric or Low Tech Execution Driven Businesses;
  • $3 million or less required to achieve meaningful three year revenue milestones; and
  • Reasonable expectation of a 3-5 year liquidity event.

Geographic Location

We are primarily looking for investment opportunities located in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina; however, we will consider deals originating throughout the southeastern United States. We take an active role in leading local seed deals. We also participate in early stage follow-on and syndicated deals both in and out of our regions.

Investment Range

Our typical range of investment is $100,000 to $500,000 and we consider subsequent follow-on investments in the companies in which our members have previously invested.


Valuation negotiations are driven by realistic expectations of: i) what the start-up team can realistically deliver within a set amount of time and with limited dollars; and ii) the investors appraisal of the probability of these deliverables and the corresponding value delivered.