Membership in RTP Capital is available to individual investors demonstrating a willingness to be proactive participants. RTP Capital is a member driven organization and hence the involvement of each individual member is paramount to our collective efforts to stimulate seed stage capital formation.

Membership Criteria

  • Be an accredited investor
  • Be sponsored by an RTP Capital member
  • Bring value to our group and to the funded companies through specific domain knowledge, start-up business expertise, and contacts
  • Be dedicated and committed to the mission of RTP Capital
  • Be an active participation in the investment process
  • Agree to participate in at least one RTP Capital derived investment per year
  • Sign the RTP Capital Membership Agreement, subject to review and approval by RTP Capital (click here to request). There is a per year membership fee to offset general working capital requirements such as annual ACA membership and monthly meeting expenses.
  • If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

Service Provider Policy

The primary reason for membership in RTP Capital must be motivated purely by the investment oriented nature of our group. If a member solicits fees for service from a company that was funded through members of RTP Capital, prior to solicitation he/she must inform RTP Capital and the funded company must provide a written statement as to the reasons for considering said service provider, prior to the engagement of service provider. Final determination on whether the service provided will be able to be engaged is subject to the approval of the members that have funded the company.