Membership Commitment

RTP Capital is a member managed group and active participation is required by each individual member. Membership involves participation as follows when and where applicable and as more fully described in the Membership Agreement:

  • Regularly attend our monthly meetings
  • Facilitate collaboration and greater understanding amongst the RTP Capital member
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our community, the entrepreneurial teams, and our investor peer
  • Serve on Screening committees either in person or via conference call to meet and talk with entrepreneurs
  • Serve on Due Diligence TeamsProjects in which there is substantial interest of the membership
    • Projects where you have an interest in potentially investing in the opportunity and you can provide value through your particular areas of expertise or previous investment experience
    • Help source deal flow meeting our Investment Criteria
  • Bring value to the entrepreneurs and their companies by thinking about what each of us can do individually to reduce our investment risk (additional contacts, potential customers, specialized insight, etc.)
  • ¬†Recruit potential RTP Capital members
  • Leverage individual and collective resources for further investment and liquidity from potential strategic partners/investors/buyers.
  • If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.